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I have provided workshops for schools and groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  One of my key starting points when constructing workshops is the work of Dorothy Heathcote and her mantle of the expert approach to teaching and learning.  I have entered a classroom armed with some general knowledge of a class's curriculum and acted as facilitator as they devise environments and situations suited to their subject. 


I have also taken the theatre skills and exercises I learned at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and taught them to groups of various ages.  Gaulier bases his teaching on play and games, which text and scenes can be built upon.  The premise being that if the performer isn't enjoying their self how can the audience watching them?


I have created workshops for children from 8 to 18 and also have experience leading adults with learning difficulties.  Between 2012-2013, I acted as support worker for Hijinx Theatre's Academy school for adults with learning difficulties, assisting the group and leading morning yoga warm-ups.

In 2023, I have started working as a Playworker with Flying Seagull Project, who provide workshops for refugees, specifically in the London area.


If you think you might be interested in a workshop, please contact me via the contact page to discuss length, topic of workshop and cost.  As I am London-based, any workshops outside of London would require travel costs in addition to the workshop fee.


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