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I'm Iain Gibbons

I am an Entertainment and Children's presenter with big energy, enthusiasm and a quirky sense of humour!




Photography by Claudia Marinaro

1180504_04 (96).jpg

Photography by Darryl Briggs

Who am I?

I’m a London-based presenter and comedy actor with experience presenting for the National Theatre online. My warmth and relatability combined with a quirky sense of humour can really be relied upon to engage an audience!


I'm a trained clown with strong improvisational skills and approach my work with playful fun.  

My nerdy passions are in British pop culture, so I like nothing more than watching British sitcoms, films, theatre or Doctor Who, listening to classic pop and rock music and drawing cartoons or painting.


I'm often leading workshops and games for children of various ages with the charity Flying Seagull Project, who do great work providing joy and play for refugees and vulnerable children around the world.

That's me! I’m a dynamic, fun, professional presenter and look forward to seeing you soon!

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